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A tribute to Wile E.


my favorite cartoon character–and it’s not even close

For the last few week, I have been inundated with commercials and billboards and radio spots for a new Tom and Jerry movie. And I am steadfast: I don’t think there’s a price high enough that could get me to watch.

Throughout my life, whenever I’ve seen the animated cat-and-mouse, I’ve never been impressed. Or laughed. If Tom and Jerry are anything, they’re consistent. I don’t think they made my parents laugh when they were young, or my generation; or anyone in my kids’ generation.

Now, if there was a movie featuring The Roadrunner—and his rival, Wile E. Coyote—then I’d be first-in-line at the cinema, COVID-be damned.

The Roadrunner cartoons work on so many levels. If you grew up laughing at The Three Stooges like I did, then the slapstick comedy of the Roadrunner shorts is right up your alley. There is a dogged-ness to the Coyote, a persistence that is admirable. The Coyote isn’t a jealous, sniveling rival like Daffy Duck. He isn’t a suburbanite sidekick like Barney Rubble. He isn’t a fun-loving dummy like Bullwinkle. He’s not a mouse taking great joy in inflicting harm on a cat. Wile E. is, as he will tell you, a genius. Super-genius.

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