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America Muscle Dips its Toe into the SuperCar Market With The New C8 Corvette


The new C8 Corvette is a mid-engine (not to be confused with rear-engine) America muscle car with nearly 500 horsepower priced at less than half of its competitors starting at less than $60,000.  Although a fully-load model can near 6 figures, that can be said of its competition as well.  Looking and performing like the Italian exotics, this mid-engine model has been rumored for many years.

With performance rivaling the Ford GT, at one tenth the cost, the StingRay has become the darling within the automotive community.  Chevrolet is promising no dealer upcharges above its sticker price, but it will take months to take delivery after an order is placed. Some owners have listed their C8 for sale at double the price they paid.

(image credit – motorbiscuit.com)

With a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of less than 3 seconds, the Corvette is actually faster than many European exotics priced 10 times that cost.  Standard Apple CarPlay and Google Android provide excellent technology with available (at additional cost) navigation and heads-up display.  Also available via upgrade is the world famous and world-renowned video recorder.

Although straight-line performance is beyond impressive, the new C8 really shines on the race track with handling far improved over front engine cars.  On-line video shows the C8 maintaining speed on road race tracks with rivals from Italy such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

(image credit – corvetteblogger.com)

The Specs That Make The C8 Corvette Special

Many exterior & interior colors are available including custom race stripes, rear wings and carbon upgrades.  Torch red is the most common exterior color chosen and has the best re-sale value.  Interior packages include color stitching and 3 available seat options. The long driver protecting center dash mount with many climate control buttons will take some time to get used to.  Convertible models are available for an additional $7500 but many would argue unnecessary because all Corvettes come with a removable (targa type) roof panel.  Additionally, convertible models include an engine/interior compartment panel which many feels filter the joyous engine sound.

Power is delivered via the 6.2 liter naturally aspirated LT2 engine.  Shifting is lighting quick via the new Tremec M1L dual-clutch 8 speed transmission.

You can’t be blamed for not recognizing the new C8 Corvette StingRay on the street, it looks very little like any previous Corvette models.  At first glance, it looks more like its Italian competition.

As in previous generations, Z06 and ZR1 models have been rumored as well as a hybrid electric model.  The Z06 model would be the natural next in line (as in the past) and is rumored to have a 5.5 liter flat-plane crank from the C8.R race car.  Next in line is a rumored hybrid all wheel drive model with electric front motor(s) producing total horsepower in the 4 digit range.  Forced induction via turbo and/or supercharger have also been rumored

One thing is clear: the Chevrolet C8 StingRay (and any upgraded models) have a bright future and will keep the American Muscle Car dream alive with a reasonably priced American SuperCar competitive with rivals costing many times more.

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