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Apple may bring MagSafe back to it’s laptops


Starting with the MacBook Pro in 2006, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the most simple yet ingenious feature to their family of devices. Jobs stated, “This is going to save us all a lot of hassle — you with getting your notebooks fixed, us with having to fix them. It’s going to save us all a lot of work”, and he was right.

MagSafe magnetically connected to the laptop for a charge, and it was a game changer for many reasons. If you yanked on the cord, or tripped over it, it just popped out. This allowed your laptop to sit unmoved and unharmed, rather than crashing to the ground.

It was a cold sad day in march 2015 when Apple decided to do away with this brilliant and clumsy-proof feature and returned to an old-fashioned plug in. Apple claimed at the time that their new USB-C port instead offered the most versatile connector being adopted across the tech industry.

Apple got our hopes up in 2020 by introducing a new MagSafe wireless charger for its iPhone 12 series. Unfortunately, when Apple unveiled new laptops later in the year, there was no magnetic charger to be found, devastating clumsy users all around.

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Will MagSafe be brought to Macbook Airs too?

A recent report said that Apple has plans to bring back the MagSafe magnetic charging connector to its MacBook Pro, along with more ports and physical keys instead of the digital Touch Bar. While the new MacBook Pro is due to launch in 2021, It looks as though the MacBook Air will also be getting a similar facelift.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new MacBook Air will be thinner, lighter and will have a MagSafe connector alongside two USB4 ports. The New MacBook Air will also be graced with a next-generation version of Apple’s in-house processor. Due to arrive in the second half of 2021 or in 2022, it will likely be more expensive than its current version but will come with the new bells and whistles.

Apple’s move to return the MagSafe feature to its laptops is long overdue and highly anticipated.

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