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Back to Normal…

So, with days to go before my second vaccination, I am tanned, ready, and rested and anxiously awaiting a return to even a bit of normalcy.

And for me, that involves going to ballgames. I did not go to a baseball game in 2020, and eagerly look forward to going in 2021. I mean, why not go to Yankee Stadium in April? Governor Cuomo capped capacity at 10% for the time being, so the COVID fears are greatly reduced in my eyes because a) I’ll be protected with the vaccine; b) the fans will be socially distanced; and c) the venue, of course, is outside.

Now that clubs are in their spring training sites, and nationwide COVID levels are down, I thought this would be a good time to check out the official Yankees website, and try to buy tickets for the first weekend game. I never like attending Opening Day as much as the games the rest of the Opening week. Maybe it’s just me.

I was in luck, because the website touts what is called “The Pinstripe Pass.” According to the website, “The Pinstripe Pass starts at $15 and includes a general admission ticket to the Stadium with your first drink included (a 12 oz. domestic beer or a soft drink). Pinstripe Pass tickets are valid for Stadium admission and access to non-designated standing room only locations throughout the Stadium or at any of the social gathering locations.”

Okay, I get it. The Yankees site goes on to say guests with Pinstripe Pass tickets may not occupy ticketed seats. But in a time when 90% of the ticketed seats are not allowed to be sold, wouldn’t it be kind of strange to keep kicking me out of aisles and seats in sections with no one (or hardly anyone) else to bother?

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