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Bill Belichick, Who Wears Sweats to Work, Has Decided Now Is the Time to Start Dressing


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is as famous for his uniform as any coach can be: he’s known for his unique combo of hoodies, sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off, swishy Nike track pants, and a beanie perched on top of his head maximally askew. In other words, he looks like most of the world does right now, as more people than ever are staying home—and comfortable—to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. But today, in a video posted by the Patriots, Belichick (in his finest monotone, obviously) shared his appreciation for doctors, nurses, and medical workers and encouraged everyone to stay home. It was very nice, and will surely lead to a 1000% increase in New England residents willing to shelter in place. But the video was also shocking—jarring even.

That’s because the man who’s spent practically all his time in the spotlight wearing a ready-made work-from-home outfit was dressed up like all the golf clubs weren’t actually closed. Seated in front of a bookshelf containing the Bon Jovi biography, Belichick wore… a polo? And…tight-fitting denim??? We’re as baffled as you are.


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