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JetBlue, Virgin, Lufthansa to Offer COVID Health Pass to Passengers

The COVID-19 global pandemic has significantly impacted travel, most of all the airline carriers.
Virgin, and Lufthansa are the latest airline companies to adopt CommonPass, a digital app that helps travelers show they are COVID-free.
United Airlines who beta tested CommonPass in October 2020, had a successful run with the app which has led to numerous other airliners to adopt the app for their operations.
(image credit – commonpass.org)

Developed by Swiss-based nonprofit The Commons Project, CommonPass is gaining ground in being the tech of choice to share medical information quickly.
The Airport Council International (ACI) World, representing nearly 2,000 airports globally has joined the CommonTrust Network which also includes vaccine distributors, and health care providers.
CommonPass provides users the ability to upload health data such as certified COVID test results, vaccination information and provide verified health records to airline and airport staff as well as border officials.
Once those rules are established, the CommonPass creates a digital network with certified labs so travelers’ results can be uploaded to the platform. When travelers enter their destination into the app, they’re given the entry requirements they need to fulfill.

How does the CommonPass work?

For the CommonPass to be effective, each participating country or government must decide on two things:

Which COVID-19 tests (and eventually vaccines) are credible? Is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test required? Or will a rapid antigen test pass muster?

What are the entry requirements? Is it one test prior to entry? Or another several days after arrival as well?

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