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New York, NY


It’s really a helluva town

On Friday, I have a lunch in midtown Manhattan with my best friend from high school. Now, it’s not that I’m not happy about seeing my old friend—I am. But I’m also excited about seeing another old friend, New York, again.

I have not set foot in New York City in more than a year. How is that even possible?

For most of my life, New York has been the destination. For many years, I had an office there. I went to ballgames there. I went to concerts there. I went to restaurants there. I went to museums there. Once went to a bar where everything was made of ice (Minus5 Ice Experience where the experience included use of parka and gloves). I gave tours to out-of-state friends, when they visited. I had an office at 30 Rockefeller Center, even lucky enough to attend an SNL taping. There were Rangers games at the Garden with my sister; table tennis with Amy and friends at SPIN New York 23; hold on now— a flood of memories is coming through.

There were off-Broadway plays like Dinner with the Boys where Amy and I went out afterwards with actor Dan Lauria to meet up at an actor’s hangout. Or the MLB Food Fest, where we sampled food from all 30 ballparks. There were connections made with Wyatt and Heath from New Jersey to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center—with a stop at Suprema Pizza on Eighth Avenue, across the street from the Garden—a must before making the trek to Brooklyn. Because, well, it’s not enough to have good pizza. You might as well go the extra effort and get the best.

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