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Put Your Best Face Forward! Men’s Grooming Tips.


Grooming above the neck, your hair, face and teeth,  or as my mother used to say “fur, fangs and face” is something to be taken serious and guys lest face it, you don’t take it as serious as you should!   So here are some simple yet life changing tips for getting the head you have always wanted – (get your mind out of the gutter)

Whatever your hair style,  clean, well-groomed hair is a must.  Do yourself a favor and don’t just use bar soap or whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower.  Take care of you scalp and get your own shampoo You not only deserve that you will thank us and immediately notice a difference when you start using the right product that meets your specific hair needs. It is not 1987 and there are plenty of options out there just for guys formulated just for you.  Dandruff control, for curly hair, for thinning hair, deep condition ETC…  We love  American Crew it is affordable, easily available at most stores,  and tried and true.  It has been around for over 20 years.

Nothing slays like a great smile and the key is keeping it healthy and looking good It is pretty simple.  This routine should NEVER be skimped on – get your teeth professionally cleaned 2x’s a year, Brush, Floss, rinse EVERY DAY.   Whiten and brighten by using a whitening toothpaste and when necessary, hitting your choppers with some at home whitening strips is clutch! Try Crest 3DWhitestrips Professional Effects.

Why Facials Are Essential For Men’s Grooming.

Facials –  Facials not just for women – (again get your mind out of the gutter)  DO IT treat yourself and get a facial at least 2x’s a year.  Trust us you will love how good your skin looks after.  Maintain that glow with the right skincare routine. This does not mean you need to buy all,  or any of the products the facialist will try to sell you but,  you should at the very least invest in a good face wash and moisturizer that meets your skins particular needs.  Here are 2 of our simple faves –

Bull Dog Original Face ScrubJack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Now take a GOOD LOOK in the mirror – EVERY OTHER DAY do a nose and ear check,  if you see hair trim it!  This IS NOT AN OPTION. Nothing is more off-putting than staring at fuzzy ears or at nose hair blowing in the breeze. This is a very quick and simple fix – get yourself a trimmer just for these areas.  The Micro GroomsMan® Lithium Trimmer / Detailer is good looking, and does the job!

Last check for the face is eyebrows.   Thick eyebrows are fine but unruly is another story.  If, you just have long eyebrows, simply ask your stylist or barber to trim them when you get your hair cut.  If you have unruly eyebrows TAKE IT TO A PRO!  If They don’t offer the service where you get your hair cut take yourself to a brow bar.  Walk in loud and proud!  Trust us you will get looks,  but only because you will be an all-star!  And the ladies in there are thinking I wish my man would get his ass in here!  I would not be surprise if you left there with a date!  Word to the wise when getting your brows professionally groomed less is more – start by just having them clean them up I would not recommend shaping them until you have built trust with the brow expert.  If you are near a Nordstrom you can go to Anastasia Beverly Hills  It is pricy but if you want the job done right!

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