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Russell Wilson Trade Saga Deepens


Seattle Seahawks may bring back Sherman in display to Russell Wilson

The relationship between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson continues to raise eyebrows by the day. While the organization has balked at some sizable offers for Wilson, who has been well documented as being unhappy with the team, reports are emerging daily of strain between the two parties.

Today it has been reported that the Seahawks are close to reuniting with cornerback Richard Sherman which may reveal some subtle messaging to Russell Wilson.

It was reported for years around the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl run that the famous Legion of Boom defense did not get along well with Wilson or the offense. Much reporting was made of the defense who felt Wilson was a “company man” and a “Goody Two-Shoes”. At the time, Sherman was one of the more prominent Wilson detractors on the team. This even included a practice squabble when Sherman intercepted a Wilson pass and yellow “You f-king suck!”.

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The years following that 2013 Super Bowl victory led to the dissolving of the Legion of Boom, trading away the players that had issues with Wilson, and clearly building the team with Russell  as the centerpiece.

For years the Seahawks worked to show their complete allegiance to Wilson and his needs. If the rumors are true, and the Seahawks plan to bring back Sherman it would be a clear statement to Wilson that allegiances may be shifting.

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Philadelphia  Eagles interested in Wilson

For the Philadelphia Eagles, Russell Wilson may be the one that got away. For years now, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has made it clear that if he could change past moves and have Wilson, he would.

Back in 2012 the Eagles really wanted to steal Wilson in the draft, but made too many moves without taking him off the board early. They hoped to get Wilson at number 88 but were routed by the Seahawks who took him at 75.

Since that 2012 draft blunder,  Russell Wilson has been an 8-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion and a surefire Hall of Famer.

Considering the Chicago Bears failed bid to trade for Wilson and the Eagles question marks at quarterback with Jalen Hurts, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Philadelphia enter into trade talks soon.

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