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UFC 264 Conor Mcgregor Injury Aftermath


Conor Mcgregor suffers broken leg at UFC 264

The trilogy fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor has come and gone. With many hoping the score would finally be settled between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, a freak leg injury in the first round saw the fight end in a swift doctor stoppage. According to Conor McGregor, this lightweight rivalry is far from over.

The eye test displayed a relatively dominant first round from Dustin Poirier. He landed more significant strikes, scored a takedown, and had position control for over 3 minutes in a 5 minute round. Many have argued that Dustin would have scored a 10-8 round had the fight gone on and that McGregor looks flat as a fighter.

It’s hard to argue with the narrative that Dustin is simply now a more elite fighter than McGregor. With all his promotion and millions made over the last 4 years, the best lightweights in the world have only become more elite while Conor has stagnated. This could not have been more evident with McGregor’s most significant offence in the first round, a botched guillotine attempt. Showing his lack of progression in his grappling game, McGregor failed to secure the submission by simply having his hips on the wrong side. It’s becoming evident that Conor’s refusal to move on from his longstanding coach, the build up of various injuries and lack of hunger have turned him into a shell of the fighter he once was.

“I was injured going into the fight,” McGregor said via Instagram. “People are asking me, ‘When was the leg broke? At what point did the leg break?’ Ask Dana White. Ask the UFC. Ask Dr. [Jeff] Davidson, the head doctor of the UFC. They knew I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage. It was debated about pulling the thing out.”

The UFC and it’s representatives have not responded to McGregor’s comments that they knew of leg micro fractures leading into the fight. If he did have such injuries and the UFC did know, it would widely be considered unethical and problematic. The fans who paid for the event are likely unhappy with the outcome of a doctor’s stoppage considering all the anticipation leading into the trilogy fight.

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What is the expectation now that McGregor underwent surgery for his broken fibula & tibula?

McGregor has been vocal since the moments after the fight ended that his war with Dustin Poirer is not over. Now a meme, McGregor famously yelled “this is not over!” as he laid in the Octagon with his leg snapped in half.

The UFC superstar underwent successful surgery in the days following the fight. After the surgery McGregor posted on social media: “six weeks on crutch and we build back.”

Anderson Silva, famously broke his fibula and tibia in similar fashion against Chris Weidman at 38 years old. The former champion returned to the UFC to fight 7 more fights on the surgically repaired leg. While Conor McGregor may have lingering issues with his mobility, it’s safe to assume he will be fighting someone in the Octagon in the next 12 months.

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