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What’s going on with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers?


Aaron Rodgers opt out unlikely according to reports

The most shocking story line of the 2021 NFL off season is without a doubt the growing rift between Aaron Rodgers, and the Green Bay Packers. The saga has continued to deepen with reporting regarding the 2021 opt-out rules that were negotiated by the NFL Players Association. The opt-out rules would effectively allow Rodgers to sit out the entire 2022 NFL season, with no financial fines he would have to pay the Packers.

While Rodgers’ tremendous $11.5m signing bonus is maturing soon, many believe he won’t sit out the season. There is an additional $6.8m roster bonus that would be distributed to him by game week throughout the season that would also be subject to forfeit along with the signing bonus. With roughly $18.3m on the table for Rodgers this season, many are assuming that there will be too much money on the table for him not to play. The major question at this moment is whether the Packers will seek to appease Rodgers and trade him before the start of the season, or after the upcoming 2022 season.

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What does the Aaron Rodgers situation mean for all-star wide out Devante Adams?

Breakout star Devante Adams has been navigating himself around a very tumultuous Packers offseason. After a great 2020 NFL season the Packers who were looking to reload an already talented roster around Rodgers, now find themselves embroiled in controversy.

Adams, who is now entering the final season of his contract, is due for another big payday. His 2020 season was maybe the best of any WR in the league, with 1,374 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns. The 28 year old Adams had a career year, and was named All-Pro. Questions are emerging whether Adams will want to re-sign with the Packers considering the uncertainty surrounding Rodgers. The Rodgers factor is compounded by the fact that Adams is likely at his apex demand across the league, considering his numbers and the fact that he is 28 making this probably the last large pay day he will receive in the league.

For his part, Devante Adams has said as much as he can to qualm Packer’s fans fears of him leaving.

“[The plan is] only one piece of it, though,” he added. “Obviously, the quarterback situation helps it, but the stars got to align across the board as far as contractually. We’ll figure all that stuff out and let it happen. I’ll be at training camp like I said regardless, we’re going to play the season, and we’ll see how all of that pans out.”

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